Phi Beta Sigma General Board Mandates All Chapters Conduct Anti-Hazing Workshops

As Phi Beta Sigma marches toward its next 100 years, we stand proud in the footprints of the legacy our founders envisioned at Howard University. While we prepare to celebrate Conclave Little Rock, a threat known as hazing, a disease that, if not addressed, could plague our beloved Fraternity and threaten its existence.

In 2012, we launched an Anti-Hazing Campaign designed to eradicate hazing and protect Sigma’s heritage. Our goal was to develop initiatives that focus on educating and empowering our Brotherhood to serve as agents of change in the battle against hazing. Our campaign was introduced via a partnership with the National Action Network at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. As part of the campaign, we developed supporting documents (along with a video), held a town hall meeting on the subject, facilitated workshops and encouraged chapters to participate in the National Anti-Hazing Awareness Day held on September 6, 2012; last year the campaign was three weeks. August 25-September 13, 2014.

For the 2015 Spring semester, we are introducing our National Anti-Hazing Awareness Campaign (January 18-February 28). During this timeframe, if your chapter didn’t execute during the Fall of 2014, all collegiate and alumni chapters are to host a collaborative Anti-Hazing awareness workshop for its members. The expectation is that the collegiate Chapter President and the Chapter Advisor will facilitate the training with the Alumni Chapter President and the Alumni Intake Chairman serving as facilitators as well.

We recognize the challenges the start of the Spring can bring as many chapters are resuming their activities for the first time since the holidays. To assist in executing the Anti-Hazing Campaign within your chapter with ease, we have placed all resources that are needed on the Fraternity’s website…here is a description of the materials that are available:

  • • An Anti-Hazing Video that the chapters should watch at the beginning of the workshop
  • • A PowerPoint presentation
  • • A facilitator guide that walks brothers through the presentation and gives insight on how to deliver the content of the presentation
  • • A participant’s workbook, designed to provide notes and to expand on the content of the presentation
  • • A test that brothers must complete after going through the training
  • • An Anti-Hazing pledge that must be completed at the end of the workshop
  • • All Brothers who participate in the workshop should go on iMIS and fill out the Anti-Hazing Pledge Form; iMIS is how we’re going to determine the Brothers who went through the training; to receive credit for the training, fill out the Anti-Hazing Acknowledgement Pledge Form on iMIS by 2/28/15; the form is located under the Event channel.
  • • The GENERAL BOARD HAS MANDATED that all chapters must conduct an Anti-Hazing Awareness Workshop prior to your Regional Director approving MIP for your chapter; the Anti-Hazing Workshop must take place between 1/18-2/28. If your chapter didn’t do this workshop in the Fall, your Chapter must do this workshop during the Spring. If you have any question on this mandate, please contact your Regional Director.

Tips to assist in making the coordination “easy to execute”:

  • • Collegiate and Alumni chapters are asked to do the workshop collaboratively during a chapter meeting
  • • Collegiate chapters may ask for assistance from their school’s Greek Life advisor to help facilitate the training; however the Chapter President, Alumni Advisor, Alumni President and Alumni Membership Intake Chairman must also serve as Facilitators
  • • Make sure you have downloaded all of the materials needed off the website to support you having a successful workshop
  • • To assist in achieving 100% member participation in the National Anti-Hazing Campaign, for legitimate reasons that are determined by the Collegiate Chapter Advisor. If a Collegiate Brother can’t attend, the excused Brother must schedule a meeting to watch the Anti-Hazing video, complete the test and sign the Anti-Hazing Pledge with the Collegiate Advisor being in attendance. We understand that special circumstances may arise…we ask that you work with your local and regional leadership to address these issues.

Brothers, this is a great opportunity to live out the creed that guides our actions as Sigma Men. Sigma needs us now, more than ever, to create an environment that allows our Fraternity to flourish for another 100 years.

Thanks for your Support of our National Anti-Hazing Awareness Campaign!