Back in November 2012 the General Board in session approved a directive that a committee be appointed dubbed the Intl. Program Committee and tasked to take a look at our International Programs with the goal of streamlining our Fraternity programs to reflect the following – Focus Sigma’s efforts – Improve recognition of our brand – Enable a concentration on key initiatives, and to allow demonstration of the collective impact Sigma is having in the areas of Educational, Business and Social Action. The Committee worked, following its establishment, to review the Intl. Programs, identifying sixteen (16) initiatives, as they began their work, and after much discussion and deliberation decided to reduce the program initiatives from sixteen initiatives to just two initiatives per International Program to meet the requisites above

Adopt-A-School Initiative: The Adopt-A-School component is designed to get Sigma men into the schools in your community. Our effort is to brand this component of Sigma’s program as value added activities, to build student literacy and accrue educational service hours and presence in schools. While in the schools, your Chapter will implement one or more of the sub-components of this initiative which include – Reading Days – Essay Contests – Spelling bees – Oratory and Debate Competition -Math and Problem Solving Competitions – STEM related Experiences, Field Trips and Projects (STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

Scholarship initiative: The scholarship component is designed to have Sigma grow its impact in the area of assisting (preferably) African American men to cover the cost of education at both the high school and college levels through the awarding of scholarships at both levels. Chapters will be tasked to raise money in various ways, as per Chapter decision, to award these scholarships. Graduate Chapters will be tasked to raise $1,000.00 a year, and Collegiate Chapters will be tasked to raise $300.00 a year, dedicated to scholarships. The local scholarships will go to high school and/or college students using criteria set by the Chapter, and it is requested that Graduate Chapters target high school seniors and college students, and Collegiate Chapters target middle school and high school students (secondary).

Scholarship Application

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