Omicron Iota Sigma Chapter – Chronology

Being a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity is a lifetime experience. In fact, our alumni constitute 71% of our living members! The alumni chapter plays a central role in helping alumni renew old friendships, make new acquaintances, network professionally, attend to the business of the Fraternity, and learn what is happening within our Community. The Omicron Iota Sigma alumni-graduate chapter was chartered on March 11th, 2010 by Bro. Harvey Cole, Bro. Leigh Cole, Bro. Bryon Garner, Bro. Staysea Hodge, Bro. Anthony Martin, Bro. Tommy Mitchell, Bro. Tracy Morris, Bro. Vincent Willis, and Bro. Anthony Winston III.

Chartered Date – March 11th, 2010


From Left to Right – Bro Tracy Morris, Bro. Leigh Cole.Bro. Bryon Garner, Bro. Anthony Winston III and Bro. Vincent Willis 

Alpha Line – “Solo” – April 2nd, 2012


 Center – Bro. Glenn Feliciano

Beta Line – “Crooked Letters” – March 30th, 2013


From Left to Right – Bro. Julian Gibson, Bro. Corey Dunn, Bro. Cecil Shelton and Bro. Tim Coleman

Gamma Line – “Biggie Smalls” – Mar. 28th, 2014


From Left to Right – Bro. Mohamed Ahmed and Bro. Benjamin Kelso

Delta Line -“The Sons of the Centennial”- Dec. 12th, 2014


From Left to Right – Bro. Frederick Howard, Bro. Henry Steward, Bro. Chris Turntine and Bro. Brandon Gamble

Epsilon Line -“The Origins Of Blue Genesis”- May 1st, 2016


From Left to Right – Bro. Greg Spruell, Bro. Myles Ginyard and Bro. Jordan Harrison